The 2015 Fall/Winter Collection is Here!

Posted by L. Michelle on 13th Dec 2015

The New Collection is Here

To celebrate the change of the seasons, we're introducing our
2015 Fall & Winter Collection.

This collection includes fall and winter aromas, including Amber Warmth, Black Currant Vanilla, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Apple Harvest and more! We've even added new body care products to arouse your skin and senses. Check out our Aroma Oil Roll-On Perfume and our Natural Body Mist under Mists, Perfumes!

Customer Rewards

You can now earn KSE Loyalty Points! You can earn 250 points by creating an account. You earn 1 Loyalty Point for every dollar you spend. You get a $10.00 discount when you earn 500 points, $15.00 discount when you earn 1,200 points, etc. Don't delay! Create your account and start earning rewards today! Click Here to Create Your Account.

New Products!

K.S.E. Spa Collections strives to be a company that offers products that soothe the mind, body and spirit. We also strive to be a company that offers earth conscious skin care products. We have added to the collection,Aroma Oil Roll-On Perfume and Natural Body Mist. Our Aroma Oil Roll-On Perfume is made with aromas that give a burst of fragrance on the go. It's made with natural oils that absorb well into the skin and holds fragrance well, too. Our alcohol-free Natural Body Mist is made with nourishing oils and lingering aromas that will refresh, hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Customers have requested and we have responded. We now offer the "At Home" Collection! Our first product is our All Natural Soybean Wax Melts. Fill your home with the aroma of our hand poured melts! Unlike paraffin wax, soy wax lasts longer and burns cleaner without releasing harmful toxins into the air. Our Fall and Winter aromas include Candied Apple, Egyptian Amber, Gingerbread and Warm Vanilla.