Are You Following K.S.E. Spa Collections on Social Media?

Posted by L. Michelle on 13th Dec 2015

Are You Following K.S.E Spa Collections?

If you are not following K.S.E. Spa Collections on social media, you could be missing out on a lot tips about our aromatherapy products, healthy living, inspirational quotes and industry news. You can follow K.S.E. Spa Collections on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Facebook filters posts to pages and you may not see what we post. If you "Like" our Facebook page (KSE Spa Collections), make sure you go to our page, click the drop down menu on "Liked" and click"Notifications". This way, you will know when we post to the page.

We now have a Facebook Group called KSE Spa Collections VIP. The purpose of this group is to allow current and future customers learn about healthy natural and low chemical skincare products, healthy living and special product promotions not offered to the public. It's designed to allow us to interact with one another to help us grow in knowledge with mother earth.

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