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The Aromas of Spring and Summer

Posted by L. Michelle on 12th May 2015

Spring & Summer CollectionSpring is here and Summer is just around the corner! To celebrate the change of the seasons, we're introducing our 2015 Spring & Summer Collection.This collection includes sp … read more

K.S.E. Madness and Crayon Lipstick

Posted by L. Michelle on 4th Mar 2015

Happy March!In this month's issue, you'll find product information about our K.S.E. Madness Sales, DIY Skincare Tips & Tricks and More!March is filled with several well known events. Basketball f … read more

What's In A Name?

Posted by L. Michelle on 4th Jul 2014

Image: marishWhat's in a name?  Well, another skin care company thought "KisKin" Spa Essentials was so great that they decided to use KisKin as their own, even the tag line (Keep It Simple. Keep … read more

KSE Madness

30th Mar 2014

We're ending the month with madness...KSE Madness, that is! We're clearing our shelves of the Fall and Winter aromas to make room for the Spring and Summer aromas. If you've been waiting to try K … read more